Wàn Hé Lóu 萬合樓
Wàn Hé Lóu 萬合樓
Wàn Hé Lóu 萬合樓
Wàn Hé Lóu 萬合樓

Welcome to Wàn Hé Lóu

Nestled in the heart of Singapore's Jalan Besar Heritage Trail

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Wàn Hé Lóu 萬合樓
About us

About us

Wan He Lou offers the best of Chinese cuisine at the most affordable prices. Experience the famous Lau's Original Signature Lobster Porridge and many favourite mouth-watering Chinese cuisines created by the culinary ingenuity of Chef Lau Siaw Dee.

Make sure to try the award winning Lobster Porridge that is the pride of the restaurant!

From our fans

Lobster Porridge So Yums! 😋

The porridge is cooked in teochew style with very good soup stock that leaves an umami flavour. Fresh lobster is added in during the cooking process and the meat is cooked just right – firm and juicy.

~ Miss Tam Chiak, 2017

Instant approval from your grandmother 🧓

The best thing about the dish was actually the rich tasty broth. The flavours were intense without being overwhelming.

~ ordinarypatrons, 2018


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